The Bakerie spent the better part of 2020 creating this strain. It’s a hybrid cross of three different strains with Gelato being the most dominant yet the OG leaves an undeniable gassy flavor.

We popped 115 seeds total for this run selecting pheno #79 giving us the idea to call this “Lacville 79”. The dark color and dense bud structure gives it a look like no other. The flower tested at 30% total cannabinoids making it a powerful smoke, with deep aromatic flavors and a complex finish as you exhale.

This is a resilient, strong strain best harvested at 9 weeks. The strain wasn’t selected solely on taste or bag appeal though. Going through the various phenos #79 was selected because of the care free, relaxed and creative feeling it produced. The team at the Bakerie really looked into creating a strain that matched the persona of Devin The Dude. His vibe, his music, fans and the city he reps.
The Bakerie is proud to partner with the rap legend “Devin The Dude” and present to you “Lacville 79”.
LacVille 79 by The Bakerie LA